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Phoebe the Blogger

Phoebe is a 25-year-old LGBTQ advocate blogger from Marfa, Texas and she is trying to increase acceptance of her community. Her 2k followers love to partake in her one-to-many heartlinks while she attends conferences, rallies, and pride parades. She has found that pairing live streaming on social media with heartinking one-to-many seems to reach the most followers.

Feeling Phoebe’s heartbeat during pride parades and rallies gives me the courage to be my most authentic self. She’s fearless, and we can all feel how brave she is during her hearlinks!

By spreading love and respect, her followers feel that she is relatable and genuine. Phoebe is known to heartlink one-on-one with her followers when they are struggling in the community, or just need a friend.

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