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Bob and Jim Radio Show

On the Bob and Jim radio show, two men from Dayton, Ohio discuss upcoming events, personal stories, controversial topics, and more.

They both agreed that since they were a new radio show, they wanted to stand out from the other big shows—but how?

After doing some research, Jim found the Pitter Patter app. He presented it to Bob as a way to get listeners involved and they decided to give it a try. They first used Pitter Patter during a segment called “Two Truths and a Lie,” where both hosts would say 3 statements, and listeners would call in and try to guess which is the lie. They introduced the app and invited listeners to tune into their live one-to-many heartlink for their show.

At first, only a few listeners joined into the heartlink. However, as people started calling in and explaining how incredible it was to feel the host’s heartbeats jump up as they told their ‘lie statement,’ more and more listeners started joining the heartlink and calling in to give their guess.

Over 50 people joined the live heartlink and called in with their guesses — more than tripling their usual number of call-ins for a single show!

Since then, Bob and Jim have used Pitter Patter for interviews with guests and fun games with listeners. Their listeners have multiplied, and they continue to see more and more people joining their live heartlinks.

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