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The Big Band

The Big Bad Band started playing together 17 years ago in Ely, Minnesota and have been playing at local bars and events ever since.

The lead singer, James K., started looking for ways to get the audience more involved with their performances. He tried throwing t-shirts, handing out stickers, and doing meet-ups with fans, but he wanted something more. That’s when he found Pitter Patter.

James started his first show with Pitter Patter by inviting the audience to tune into his live one-to-many heartlink on both their iPhones and Apple Watches. He was shocked to see that 70 people were interested, and joined in.

While The Big Band performed, they could feel the energy shift as more people joined the heartlink. Fans were more engrossed in the music than ever before.

After the show, multiple fans came up to him to say how much they enjoyed heartlinking during his show. They said feeling his heart rate increase while he performed made them feel connected to both him and the music.

Now, each band member does their own one-to-many heartlink during their shows so the fans can decide whose heartbeat they want to tune into.

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