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Chris and Jacklyn

Chris and Jacklyn were high school sweethearts and have been together for 15 years. While they are still madly in love, they both felt that their daily lives had gotten in the way of their intimate time with each other. Work, chores, finances—all of their day-to-day hassles seemed to dull their love life. 

Chris wanted to make their anniversary night special, so he did some searching and found the Pitter Patter App. As they were leaving for dinner, he suggested they download it and see where it led. They tried Pitter Patter on their Apple watches during dessert, and as their conversation shifted to their plans for that night, their heartbeats started to race. Excited to get home, Chris and Jacklyn got the check and left feeling the pounding of each other’s hearts.

“When we got home from dinner, we got to experiment with the Pitter Patter app. It was a completely new way to experience each other, and made for an unforgettable night.”

Chris and Jacklyn have continued using the Pitter Patter app for their special nights, and encourage other couples looking for a way to spice things up to try it too!

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