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Class Instructors

Jeanie the Yoga Instructor

Jeanie is a yoga instructor in Old Lyme, Connecticut who loves helping people through guided meditation. She runs classes three times per week, and has been looking for ways to better help her students find their inner calm.

After trying Pitter Patter with her friend, she realized that as her heart rate dropped, so did her friend’s. Here is what her friend had to say:

It was such a calming experience — almost like laying with your head on someone’s chest and listening to their heartbeat as you fall asleep.

Jeanie’s friend continued, “I found that as Jeanie’s heart rate slowed down, I felt more relaxed, and my heart rate dropped too!”

Since that experience, Jeanie has been inviting her classes to join in on her one-to-many heartlinks to help them relax and easily slip into their meditation. She’s finding that since she’s begun her class heartlinks 2 months ago, her attendees have been inviting friends and she’s had 15 new sign ups for class (her normal new sign ups for an entire year!)

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