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Dan Matthews – Awards Show

Trenton, New Jersey basketball player Dan Matthews stumbled across Pitter Patter on social media. He tried the one-to-one heartlinking feature with his family and friends, loving the closeness it provided when he was on the road during basketball season. 

With an upcoming awards show, he decided he’d try the one-to-many heartlinking feature with his fans who could not attend the prestigious ceremony. He posted about the app on social media to let his followers know he’d be using Pitter Patter, and that they should join him if they were interested.

The night of the ceremony, Matthews streamed a live one-to-many heartlink session as soon as he arrived. Not only did his fans get to feel his heartbeat while other stars won their awards, but they also got to feel his heart race when his film The Love of the Sport won Best Short Film. Fans said his heart rate jumped from 75 bpm to 125 bpm as soon as he heard his name called for the award!

Fans sent Matthews countless messages about how much they enjoyed joining his heartlinking stream during the awards show.

They felt as if they were there with him while he delivered his acceptance speech.

Matthews says he will continue to use the app for both personal use and to connect to his fans.

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